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About Us
Jennifer Clark

People often ask me how someone with a Bachelor's Degree in English ended up teaching science to kindergarteners.  I tell them that I studied literature to learn critical thinking, writing to learn communication.  Both of these skills, combined with a fascination for animals, have lent themselves to teaching elementary school students.  My subjects are biology, zoology, and natural history.  My background includes years of hands-on volunteer work at the San Francisco Zoo, Wildlife Rescue in Palo Alto, and Fitzgerald Marine Life Refuge, and as a Veterinary Assistant at the Coastside Veterinary Clininc in La Honda.  It's exciting to get to share what I've learned with the children, and I look forward to taking Coastside Science into more classrooms in the future.
Tim Clark

I guess I've been interested in Science and Engineering for as long as I can remember ... I suppose it was somewhat inevitable - with an Engineer for a father, we were always building or fixing simoething.  With this as my "foundation", I've gone-on to use my science/engineering skills in many different jobs - from analyzing elite cyclists at the Olympic Training Center to designing Radio Telescopes for CalTech.

When our son, Jamie, started kindergarten, I really wanted to find a way to be involved ... I recall a conversation with a good friend - talking about wanting to "do something" ... and he said "If you really want to make a difference, then go in and teach science to elementary kids - the way you know how - Hand's On".

Since then, every week has been fantastic !  The kids really seem to enjoy what we bring-in, the teachers are all very appreciative, and the partents just love it !